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About K.M.A Achievement

Faisla Board:

The Decision Board of Kutiyana Memon Association form its establishment till today is trying to resolve the domestic and even the present Decision Board’s officials and members kept continuing in the same efforts day and night (round the clock) continuously. It is included in the affairs of the Decision Board to resolve the domestic disputes. The Chairman of this Committee is Mr. Haji Ahmed Suriya. About domestic problems and disputes arising in the community, by keeping the tradition of the senior citizens/elders of the community, the members of present Decision Board is even today, by utilizing their resources, are working to resolve as soon as possible the domestic disputes with tireless hard work and search. All the individuals of the community are requested to get their domestic disputes resolved by the Decision Board which is running under the auspicious of the institution of community that is Kutiyana Memon Association. In this connection best services will be provided by the institution. For any information or inquiry about other individuals giving divorce, the members of the Decision Board are ready for full information and cooperation. It can be better and usefull/beneficial for you to get information upon coming of the matrimonial/proposal of the divorced individuals.In the current year nearly 52 disputes have been submitted in the office of the Decision Board wherein nearly 32 disputes have been resolved in a short period of time. Efforts are being made resolve the remaining disputes

Graveyard Committee

The Mawach Goth Graveyard of Kutiyana Memon Association has an area of four and half acres. The Govt. of Sindh had allotted this place for graveyard.The mosque and place of ablution of this graveyard has been constructed by Mr. Abdul Razzaq Germany. All boundary wall of Mawach Goth Grarveyard of KMA has been constructed in the supervision of Haji Abdul Sattar Muhammad Wada Sada Wala (Hangoora).Last year here also was the well drilling, facility of light has been provided and cleaning work has been done.

Now a days in Mewa Shah Graveyard Rupees eight thousand to ten thousands are being charged for the graves.But KMA is providing better burial facility in Mawach Goth.There is bad situation in Mewa Shah Graveyard. There is no space in between the graves but the grave diggers are selling the place by making graves on the grave. Desecration of graves occurs due the lack of space in between the graves. The Chairman of Graveyard Committee Mr.Sikander Dupttawala has rendered excellent services; specially the members of this committee are also praiseworthy. All the affairs of the Kutiyana Memon Association in which the days of joy and sorrow are included; this institution communityis engaged all the time for the service of community. Therefore, in this hour of grief the affairs of death and deceased are included. In this connection to ensure the funeral and burial proces, and the effort is made to ensure the providing of grave goods and bus. Whereas there is excellent management of the space in Mawach Goth and Safoora Goth graveyard.Since a long time there is no space available in Mewa Shah Graveyard. Therefore, in order to complete the burial process in a good way, the community is appealed to turn towards Mawach Goth and Safoora Goth.

Kutiyana Memon Employment Bureau

Under Kutiyana Memon Association for poor and unemployed/jobless individuals of community Employment Bureau has been established.In this connection applications have been invited from the individuals of community for getting employment/job in which about 27 unemployed/jobless individuals have been given employment/jobs.In this regard the traders/businessmen and industrialists of our community has extended great cooperation to the Employment Committee and they have been in proper contacts/interactions with us from time to time in connection with providing employment/jobs. In the monitoring of the Chairman Employment Bureau.Mr. Abdul Latif Sangani the ongoing series of employment/jobs is continuing.

Scholarship Committee

Since the last three years, Kutiyana Memon Association is working for education of children and end of poverty and so that the children of community by equipped with education and prove to be an excellent support for their family and community. For achieving this purpose, for encouragement and for bereavement of sense of deprivation of the children studying in school, by spending about Rupees Thirty Six Lacs for pocket money in the head of scholarships are working to attract the children towards education. The Chairman of the Committee Mr. Abdul Qayyum Gader and all members of the Committee are rendering the services.

KMA Sports Committee

Under the auspicious of Kutiyana Memon Association Sports Committee, KMA Sports Committee Mr Zeeshan Arif Fatani has performed well and he got united all players on one plat form. The youth cricket players of community is encourage.Success has been achieved by playing the match in the Cricket Tournament with the different Jamat’s Cricket teams. I am very much glad for this. Along with education, Jamat has determined to encourage youth who have interest in sports. I hope that these ambitious young players will keep shining the name of Kutiyana Memon community in the world of sports. In this connection, I also appreciate praiseworthy efforts of Chairman of Sports Committee Mr Zeeshan Arif Fatani in  organizing the cricket team that he made the cricket team stable; worked to highlight the identity of community and unity in players.

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